Protect the Gorge

Friends of the Columbia Gorge protects the Gorge for future generations to enjoy -- and we need your help.

While the Columbia River Gorge is protected by the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act, development pressure and environmental issues pose a constant threat to the Gorge. From monitoring development to lobbying for funding to improve Gorge air quality, Friends of the Columbia Gorge uses a spectrum of tools to protect the spectacular beauty and natural integrity of the Gorge

Our work depends on citizens like you. We need the public to engage and stand up for Gorge protection. Take a moment to learn about some of the most important issues facing the Gorge today and what you can do to help.

Current Actions
Current actions concerned citizens can take to protect the Gorge.
Issues & Campaigns
Get involved with the major conservation issues Friends is working on, from stopping a Gorge casino to improving Gorge air quality.
Gorge Towns to Trails: Making the Connection
Gorge Towns to Trails is a vision for a comprehensive trail system that wraps around the Columbia Gorge, linking communities with recreation, benefiting tourism, and highlighting and enhancing the beauty and wonder of the Columbia Gorge. Friends of the Columbia Gorge is leading this effort and seeks input and partnerships from Gorge communities, citizens and elected officials.
Mt. Ulka: Trail Vision to Trail Reality
Imagine this hike: On a sunny, not-too-windy Gorge day, you set out from the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in The Dalles. Traversing a well- maintained trail up through public lands on the iconic Seven Mile Hill, you take in spectacular views of Mount Adams and Mount Hood, and the mighty Columbia flowing past the Lyle Bluffs and Ortley Pinnacles. There’s just one thing wrong with this picture. A key piece of private land sits between two blocks of public land, currently making access impossible. Fortunately, Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust is closing out a major fundraising campaign to purchase that private land called Mount Ulka, 167 acres of land and a 0.6 mile trail easement to allow a future trail that could extend from The Dalles to the Tom McCall area. The purchase brings Gorge Towns to Trails, our vision of a comprehensive trail system linking incredible Gorge landscapes to charming Gorge communities, significantly closer to fruition. While the acquisition is exciting news, going from acquisition to eventual public trail is where we need your support.
There are many ways to help protect the Gorge, whether it's helping remove invasive species from Gorge lands, leading an educational hike or helping in Friends' office with a mailing. Volunteer today!
Land Trust
Learn how Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust protects sensitive Gorge lands through acquisition from willing sellers.
Vic Clausen Youth Education Program
The Clausen Youth Education Program provides comprehensive outdoor education to middle school students in the Washougal, WA school district.
Activist Tool Kit
A citizen's game plan for protecting the Gorge.