Activist Tool Kit

When masses of citizens speak out to elected officials and regional media, decision-makers listen. That is the story of Friends of the Columbia Gorge's advocacy work for nearly twenty-five years: A small  band of dedicated citizens who love the Gorge organized, pressed for permanent federal protection, and with help from many organizations, elected officials and individuals, achieved it. Since that time, the work and support of Friends' membership have resulted in new wilderness protections, defeat of inappropriate development proposals, and successful challenges laws and decisions that threatened sensitive water resources and habitat.

One person, together with many others, can make their voice heard. Here's what you can do to influence decision-makers and ensure Gorge protection is a priority. For more information, you can also contact Field Representative Peter Cornelison at

Write a Letter to the Editor
How to write an effective letter to the editor on behalf of Gorge protection.
Write to Your Elected Officials
How to write an effective letter to your elected officials to defend Gorge resources.
Phone Your Elected Officials
Deliver a message of Gorge protection by phone to your elected representatives.
Meet Your Elected Officials
Stand up for Gorge protection by meeting decision-makers face-to-face.