Issues & Campaigns

Get involved with the major conservation issues Friends is working on, from stopping a Gorge casino to improving Gorge air quality.

Stop Coal Exports Through the Gorge
Friends is working to halt coal export proposals that would involve the transportation of millions of tons of coal by rail through the Gorge each year.
Stop the Tesoro-Savage Oil Terminal
Tesoro-Savage wants to build the region's largest pipeline-on-wheels project based out of Vancouver, WA and transport 360,000 barrels of oil a day by rail through the Columbia River Gorge.
Supporting Public Land Acquisition
Friends has worked to secure over $50 million in federal funding to purchase nearly 40,000 acres of Gorge lands, including lands acquired by the U.S. Forest Service at Cape Horn (in green on map at left).
Stop the Whistling Ridge Energy Project
The Whistling Ridge Energy Project has not been proposed in a responsible manner and is not sited to protect important natural and scenic resources. The project should be denied.
Improving Gorge Air Quality
Friends is working with a broad coalition to stop polluters and improve Gorge air quality.
Gorge Towns to Trails
Gorge Towns to Trails is a vision for a comprehensive trail system that wraps around the Columbia Gorge, linking communities with recreation, benefiting tourism, and highlighting and enhancing the beauty and wonder of the Columbia Gorge.
Proposed Destination Resort
Friends is challenging the Gorge's first destination resort in protected Scenic Area lands.
SUCCESS: Gorge Casino Stopped!
Friends and our allies stopped the proposal to place a megacasino in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge.
SUCCESS: Condit Dam Breached!
Friends and our allies secured removal of the century-old Condit Dam, restoring the spectacular White Salmon River.
Development Oversight and Litigation
Friends' monitoring and legal efforts protect the Gorge from the spread of sprawling residential development.