Board of Directors & Board of Trustees

Friends of the Columbia Gorge Board of Directors, February 2015 Pat Wall Polly Wood Maria Hall Pat Campbell Cynthia Winter Debbie Asakawa Meredith Savery Ken Denis Keith Brown Aubrey Russell) Eric Lichtenthaler Rick Ray Vince Ready

Sitting:  John Nelson, Ken Denis (former board member), Rick Ray (former board member, now land trust president)

Standing: Eric Lichtenthaler, Gwen Farnham, Polly Wood, Kari Skedsvold, Mark Waller (former board member), Meredith Savery, Rob Matteri (former board member), Debbie Asakawa, Keith Brown, Gary Bushman (former board member), Vince Ready, Charlie Webster, Pat Campbell, Geoff Carr

Not pictured: Jim Chase, John Harrison, Temple Lentz, Carrie Nobles

Friends of the Columbia Gorge
Board of Directors
Position Member Name
Chair Eric Lichtenthaler *†
Vice Chair Vince Ready *†
Secretary/Treasurer Kari Skedsvold †

Debbie Asakawa

Keith Brown *†

Pat Campbell

Geoff Carr

Jim Chase

Gwen Farnham

John Harrison

Temple Lentz

John Nelson *

Carrie Nobles

Meredith Savery †

Charlie Webster †

Polly Wood *
Friends of the Columbia Gorge
Land Trust Board of Trustees
Position Member Name
President John Nelson *‡
Secretary/Treasurer Jim Chase ‡

Keith Brown *‡

Pat Campbell ‡

Dustin R. Klinger

Barbara Nelson

Rick Ray

* Gorge-area resident
† Executive Committee member
‡ Friends of the Columbia Gorge Board member